venerdì 5 ottobre 2012

ROBIN G feat DANI THE GIRL - I'm Dancing Into Your Sight [Remix Contest]

October 1 and 'output Junodownload the new track by Robin G in collaboration 
with Dani The girl, you can find here':

This contest is to find three great remixes t
o be included in the release of the compilation remix of the song.

you can listen to the whole song on this link:

Here's the list of prizes:

1st place: Release of a personal album original with a maximum of 8 tracks on Junodownload.

2nd place: Release of an personal Ep original with a maximum of 4 songs on Junodownload.

3rd place: Release of a personal single original on Junodownload.

Download pack remix:

The remix should be in WAV 44100Hz, and sent on

Soundcloud Group :

or mail:

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